Tips to Rock That Phone Interview

Phone interviews are becoming increasingly common in the interview process today. This interview format seems like a great gig, right? You get to kick back in your sweats with a cup of coffee and your resume in hand while you answer questions for a person that you can’t even see. Wait! Before you get too comfy, you should know that phone interviews are just as important, and should be taken more seriously than in-person or video interviews.
Phone interviews can be more challenging than in-in person or video interviews. When your interviewer can’t see you, you don’t have to opportunity to present positive body language or a professional image which are ways we solidify the impressions that we make on our interviewers. So how do you sell yourself as a valuable employee and leave a lasting impression during a phone interview?

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. The more prepared you are the more confidence you will exude when answering interview questions over the phone. Keep your resume, a copy of your application for the job, and key points about the company at hand for easy access in order to speak intelligently about the job you’ve applied to. Practice answers to the common interview questions to quickly demonstrate to your employer the value that you can bring to the position.
  2. Be present. Stay focused while you’re on the call by paying attention to your language and the volume and inflection in your voice. Smile when you’re on the phone! Sounding upbeat while using positive language engages your interviewer and conveys that you are genuinely interested in the position and the company.
  3. Next Steps. Before the conclusion of the interview, ask the interviewer for next steps. If you aren’t extended an offer for an in-person interview, ask about an acceptable time frame to follow up with the employer and get the appropriate contact information. This information will also allow you to send a thank you note to the employer and interviewer. This small courtesy demonstrates thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, and can make a big impact!

Interviews, whether they’re conducted by phone or face-to-face, are an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and show your potential employer that you would be an asset to the company. While phone interviews present different challenges, these tips can be utilized to help you land that second, in-person interview!

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