Social media has been a sensitive subject in the job search process when we think of how potential employers could be screening our profiles to determine if we’re a good fit for their company. While the realization that our private lives aren’t so private during our job searches is quite sobering, don’t let it deter you from leveraging the benefits of social media to land you a job and new career path.

Here are a few ideas to help you boost your professional social media presence.

Inject your personality into your profile. Yes, your qualifications, certifications, work experience, and education are all important factors when companies are looking at you as a candidate, but at the end of the day you’re a person with a personality that fits their company’s culture. Be sure that you’re presenting a consistent perception across all social media platforms!

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Show people that you have a wide range of interests and that you’re engaged with the world around you. Data from a CareerBuilder survey showed that hiring and HR managers were more likely to select well-rounded candidates. Don’t be afraid to show your volunteering or philanthropic spirit! However, avoid extremist or controversial ideas and interests.

Social media is a great way to demonstrate your communication skills and that you’re comfortable utilizing technology. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and spacing are important across any social media platform that you use and are evidence of the great communication skills that you tout in your interviews. Being comfortable using technology is becoming an increasingly important ability to employers as technology continues to rapidly evolve and business needs adapt.

Once you’ve established your social media presence with clean, crisp profiles, start networking! Connect with your peers within your industry. LinkedIn has groups that facilitate networking based on common interests and industries. Join these groups and follow the companies in which you’re interested. Companies often post about their new hires, open positions, product developments, and other relevant information that could take you that extra step in your job search.

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Participating constructively and intelligently in the groups that you are a part of is a good way to keep your name visible on social media, but being concealed by a screen and keyboard shouldn’t make you bold enough to ask outright for a job. It’s downright unprofessional. Develop the right connections while keeping your profile and postings up-to-date will help keep your name on the radar of others. Interact with your potential employers and stay engaged!

No matter what your strengths are and how you choose to use your social media presence, take advantage of the benefits of using social media to help you get your dream job or the job that will enable you to get your foot in the door of the industry you love!

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