TriMech Services offers a wide variety of engineering services through a team of highly skilled design engineers. TriMech Services’ engineers can work a project of any length, including offsite or onsite projects. This week’s engineering services project spotlight highlights how TriMech Services helped Ingenco fulfill a short-term engineering staff need.

Who is Ingenco?

Ingenco is a pioneer in landfill gas electricity generation. Their network of power generating facilities employs unique technology allows Ingenco to develop projects at landfill sites. The landfill gas electricity generation technology protects the environment, reducing methane gas emissions and providing economic growth to the landfills.

Why TriMech Services?

Ingenco approached TriMech Services with the need for short-term SOLIDWORKS designers and drafters to develop a multiplex gas sample conditioning and analysis system. While Ingenco needed more engineers temporarily, the amount of new projects did not require bringing on a new permanent hire. TriMech Services has a team of highly skilled engineers that is capable of handling projects, whether the need is long-term or short-term.

How did TriMech Services help?

In this case, TriMech Services’ team was able to quickly solve Ingenco’s short-term staffing needs by assigning a group of engineers to assist with Ingenco’s drafting and design requirements. TriMech Services also assisted with SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage revisions and data. The project was successful, thanks to the help of TriMech Services’ engineering team, and the system is now operating in Ingenco’s Bio Energy Washington gas processing plant in Seattle.

Interested in learning more about TriMech Services’ partnership with Ingenco? Download the full case study.