TriMech offers a variety of design and engineering services for companies who need extra professional help on projects. From 2D-3D file conversion/creation to product development and design, from technical documentation to machining and everything in between, TriMech Services design engineering capabilities can support various industries. In this week’s engineering service’s project spotlight, we highlight Cottrell Contracting and how we helped convert their 2D design files to 3D models.

Who is Cottrell Contracting Corporation?

Cottrell Contracting Corporation has been involved in infrastructure dredging since it was established in 1928. Cottrell Contracting has been serving the eastern seaboard, having performed hundreds of beach nourishment projects over 80 years. They are dedicated to protecting life and property along the US coast through dredging projects, as well as through environmental restoration and habit creation.

Why TriMech Services?

Cottrell Contracting contacted TriMech Services to help with the design of a new dredge to add to their arsenal. Cottrell Contracting has a long-term partnership with TriMech Solutions and approached the TriMech team about an engineering challenge they were facing. The new dredge was designed by an outside firm using AutoCAD 2D, but Cottrell Contracting knew the importance of 3D modeling. Cottrell Contracting wanted to convert their 2D design to 3D, but they didn’t have the internal resources to do so.

How did TriMech Services help?

TriMech Services, with our talented engineering team, used SOLIDWORKS CAD software to create a 3D model of the new dredge by converting the 2D drawings that Cottrell supplied. This newly developed model allowed both teams to see potential design flaws such as access and interference issues. The 3D model created by TriMech Services will be used by Cottrell to also design equipment layouts, power connections and piping.

3D Modeling is a powerful tool that can allow manufacturers to detect design errors and improve visualization before construction. With the help of TriMech Services, Cottrell Contracting was able to avoid huge flaws in their dredge design while gaining better planning capability and saving money.

Want to read the whole story of how Cottrell benefited from using TriMech Engineering Services? Click here to download the full case study.