TriMech Services’ team of experienced design engineers has the capability to work on a wide variety of engineering projects for any length of time. TriMech Services offers various engineering services such as 2D-3D file conversion, reverse engineering and SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD services. In this week’s engineering services project spotlight, we highlight how TriMech Services helped Brain Sentry create a helmet-mounted sensor.

Who is Brain Sentry?

Brain Sentry is a start-up company based out of Bethesda, Maryland. Brain Sentry developed a small sensor that attaches the back of football helmets and flashes red when it senses unusually strong forces to the head. This device helps coaches, parents and refs determine if an athlete could be at risk for a concussion and provide necessary treatment.

Why TriMech Services?

Brain Sentry was facing a major challenge: the prototypes of the sensor were not strong enough to withstand the forces of impact that the wearers were experiencing. The high forces were causing the device to bend and produce inaccurate results. Brain Sentry called upon TriMech Engineering Services to help redesign the sensor and develop a stronger device.

How did TriMech Services help?

We were able to add mechanical strengthening features to the sensor and redesign the device to allow for better placement of the internal electrical components. Using features such as ribs and an exterior curvature, we lowered the chances of the device being affected by blunt forces and redistributed the load around important electrical components.

Do you want to learn more about TriMech Services’ work with Brain Sentry? Download the full case study.