Best Careers for College Grads – 2016 Edition

It’s pretty safe to say that college is not cheap, and jobs are harder to come by in this day and age, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Make sure that you’re maximizing the return on your investment in your education by choosing a career that with plenty of job opportunities that will provide enough income to ensure your desired quality of life level.

Nursing – With demand for nurses expected to increase drastically due to aging population and a rise in insured individuals, this is a great field of study for anybody interested in health science.

2014 Median Pay: $66,640 per year/$32.04 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Registered Nurses

Actuarial Mathematics – If you have a knack for math and enjoy financial theory, actuarial mathematics would be a career path to pursue. What do actuaries do? They work in the finance & insurance industries analyzing costs of risk and uncertainty in order to maximize profits.

2014 Median Pay: 96,700 per year/$46.49 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Actuaries

Engineering – Technical planning, designing, and development are key aspects of any engineering field. The engineering field is incredibly diverse, so you can really dig into the subject matter that piques your interest. Fields of engineering include electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering just to name a few!

2014 Median Pay: $48,340 per year/$23.24 per hour (civil) to $130,050 per year/$62.53 per hour (petroleum)

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Engineering (overview)

Business Analyst – The Big Data boom has created high demand for analysts to come into companies to improve the organization’s efficiencies and discover what drives the successes and failures of business strategy. If you enjoy numbers, statistics, analytics, and coding, jump into the data analytics field with both feet!

2014 Median Pay: $80,880 per year/$38.89 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Management Analysts

Sales Manager – Any company that provides goods or services will not succeed in their respective industry without a strong sales force. A company’s revenues are generated from sales, so if you’ve got interest, the personality, communication skills, and initiative that it takes to be in sales, you could potential reap the rewards of a higher salary as you climb the corporate ladder.

2014 Median Pay: $110,660 per year/$53.20 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Sales Managers

Financial Analyst – New regulations, more products, increasingly complex investment portfolios are driving demand for financial analysts. Financial performance is important to corporations as well as individual investors. Analytical skills are necessary for identifying trends and forecasting future performance of products, portfolios, and profits.

2014 Median Pay: $78,620 per year/$37.80 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Financial Analysts

Advertising, Promotions, & Marketing Manager – Marketers are responsible for managing the branding, engaging with clients and customers, and analyzing market trends in order to adjust the direction of the business development and branding strategies. Marketing is vital to companies as this business function is responsible for driving demand and extending the reach of the corporation’s brand.        Without the demand that Marketing facilitates, the Sales function of the business would have a difficult time identifying the correct potential customers.

2014 Median Pay: $123,450 per year/$59.35 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Advertising, Promotions, & Marketing Managers

Supply Chain, Operations, and Logistics Analyst – All of the goods and services that we use every day flow through a supply chain. Logisticians can explore career paths in different functions of the supply chain that include planning, sourcing, manufacturing, operations, distribution, and the returns of goods and services that we use and encounter on a daily basis. Supply chain managers are responsible for ensuring that the supply chain functions interact in an efficient way that supports the timely delivery of goods and services to the end consumers. There are many different career path opportunities that can be pursued with a general Supply Chain Management degree.

2014 Median Pay: $73,870 per year/$35.51 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Logisticians

Information Systems Manager – Information system managers are more often known as IT managers or IT project managers. They are responsible for the implementation of technology and computer systems within an organization that will result in meeting the IT goals of the company. Installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, ensuring the security of the technology, network, and digital organizational information, and staying current on cutting edge technology as it’s being developed to determine if the company would benefit from it are just some of the duties of an information systems manager.

2014 Median Pay: $127,640 per year/$61.37 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Computer & Information Systems Managers

Hospitality & Event Managers – As the economy improves, the discretionary spending of individuals will continue to increase. This means that people will spend more money on travel, dining out, and attending events. Lodging managers are responsible for developing, maintaining, and acting on the highest level of customer service for their guests. Event planners are responsible for coordinating all aspects of event execution and professional meetings, and food service managers are in charge of managing the daily operations of restaurants to ensure that customers enjoy their dining experience.

2014 Median Pay: $47,680 per year/$22.93 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Hospitality Industry (overview)

College degrees are being required more and more in the working world. Research the job outlook on jobs that relate to your interests, educational experience, and work experience to ensure that you find the best job for you after you’ve worked hard to earn your college degree!

If you’re not sure what you want to study or what career path would be suitable to your interests, experience, and personality, give TriMech Services a call, and a recruiter can help you start the process of figuring out how to navigate your educational journey.