Hiring can be a pain! Finding a qualified candidate for an open position requires a large amount of time, money and resources.  Staffing agencies were created to help take the load off of management teams. Here are 5 reasons why employers should use hiring services to streamline their hiring process.

  1. Recruiters can access top talent.

Recruiters are experts at attracting the best candidates for their clients. They know where to look for talent, and they have a network that extends far beyond what LinkedIn can provide. Recruiters can give you access to candidates that are not just active on job boards; they also have connections to “passive” job seekers. Without a staffing agency, your pool of candidates may be much smaller.

  1. Recruiters are knowledgeable about the industry and can define the position.

Recruiters can help companies figure out what they are looking for in an employee, and this is especially important in specialized fields such as engineering. A specialized staffing agency will know how to hire the best engineers. A good recruiter will coach you on what skillset you should be looking for, the availability of qualified candidates and the cost of hiring. It’s their job to know the ins and outs of the industry.

  1. Recruiters give companies a chance to focus on other aspects of business.

Is hiring one of your company’s core competencies? If not, outsourcing to a staffing agency will allow you to spend time focusing on the things that are. If you’re an engineering firm, chances are that management’s time is best spent working on projects. Instead of wasting focus and energy on the time-consuming hiring process, leave it to professionals.

  1. Recruiters save time and hiring costs.

According to Glassdoor, the hiring process for one position takes an average of 52 days and $4,000. For specialized industries, this number is even higher. The two biggest reasons for this are a shortage of qualified candidates and poor hiring practices. Staffing agencies are designed to have large networks of potential employees and are professionals at streamlining the hiring process, which could save you loads of time and money.

  1. Recruiters can fill open positions faster.

Open positions can have huge costs, whether that be in real costs or opportunity costs. Having a shortage of staff can put a strain on your employees and your business. Recruiters can fill that vacant position faster and increase the likelihood that a candidate will accept your job offer.

Staffing agencies are experts in their craft: the hiring process. A business is only as good as its staff, and this leads to a costly and time-consuming process. Every industry can benefit from the use of staffing agencies, but particularly specialized industries. Gaining access to top talent, saving time and reducing costs are some of the main reasons why companies should use hiring services.

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