Do you have limited time, equipment or design capabilities? Do you have too many engineering projects and not enough time to get them done this holiday season? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider reaching out to TriMech Services for extra assistance. Here are three reasons you’ll be thankful you worked with our Engineering Services:

1. We deliver professional solutions.

We have an incredibly skilled team of design engineers to relieve stress from your team. From 2D-3D file conversion/creation to reverse engineering services, product development and design to technical documentation, or animation to low volume rapid prototyping, TriMech’s Engineering Services team will deliver professional solutions. Whether working onsite or offsite, we deliver the best outcome for our clients.

2. We have flexible pricing options.

At TriMech Services we know one price does not fit all projects. Depending on the task at hand, we have flexible pricing options ranging from hourly to fixed-cost. Some engineering service providers treat all contracts the same, but applying we consider everything from project parameters to budgetary concerns when processing a quote.

3. We are focused, knowledgeable and committed.

Commitment, focus and knowledge are our core values for a reason. Not only is our team of design engineers focused on our clients’ goals, but we also are knowledgeable of technical needs and understand the importance of matching skill sets with company culture. Even in short-term contracts, we are fully committed to supporting various design and engineering needs of our clients.

If you haven’t already, contact us and ask how our Engineering Services can help on your next project. We think you’ll be thankful you did.